Parada ng Lechon: Most Celebrated Festival in Batangas

Balayan, Batangas

Mabuhay! Welcome to my hometown! Yes, I’m from this small town of Balayan in Western Batangas. It’s bounded by Tuy on the north, Calatagan and Lian on the west, Calaca on the east and the Balayan Bay on the south.

Our town is widely known for Bagoong Balayan, a brownish saline product achieved by partial fermentation of Anchovy with cheese-like in taste with a fishy scent, popularized by Seferino Inciong in 1929. Though it is said that it is already a backyard industry since the Spanish Times. Bagoong Balayan production is small-scale industry in Batangas, is one commodity Batangueños can be proud off. And the town of Balayan is where the best tasting anchovies are produced. However we have so much to offer here in Balayan and one of them is the Parada ng Lechon!


Parada ng Lechon

The Philippines is generally a festive nation, and Parada ng Lechón, a significant event in my hometown, is one of those. I can’t explain my excitement while counting the days before the 24th of June for the grand annual festival in our town. I grew-up looking forward for this day as much as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

It topped the list of 10 Most Celebrated Festivals in Batangas by WOW Batangas. Lechón is a slow-roasted suckling pig, perhaps the Philippines’ most beloved dish. In 2009, Lechón of the Philippines is known to be the Best Pig in the world by TIME Magazine.

Parada ng Lechón is festival with a long parade of decorated suckling roasted pigs! This year, about 300 lechons were rallied on the main streets dressed according to the theme of the participating party. From Avengers meme, “THORk” a lechon in Thor costume, sun-bathing lechon, newly-wed lechons, Angry Lechons (Angry Birds meme) and so much more! These showed not only how creative Balayeños are, but also our best sense of humor.

Everyone is welcome! I’m so proud of my townmen’s warm hospitality. This grandest street party were attended by foreign and local tourists as well as politicians and celebrities. Have I mention that everyone is expected to be splashed with water? Yes! from tap, warm, cold, freezing or well maybe not just water, even beer! Always have your own water-gun because this is the wet and wild street party EVER!You’ll surely going home with a big smile.

So next time, save your June 24th, visit Balayan, and see for yourself on how we celebrate Parada ng Lechon because…feasting is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

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41 Responses so far.

  1. I’ve seen the invite to this event in the CS Manila Facebook page. Unfortunately I wasn’t available then. Sayang, it looks like it was a lot of fun!

    • Franky says:

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  2. this looks really cool! parang ang saya-saya. matagal ko nang ine-aim na mapuntahan itong parada ng lechon sa Balayan, pero laging hndi natutuloy.. hopefully next year. mapuntahan ko na.

    dapat ikaw justin ang mag-host sa pagbisita ng mga bagets dito next year. hehe.

  3. I’ve been wanting to go to this event just to get a taste of Balayan’s famous lechon and to take photos, though I guess it’ll be really hard to do that what with all the water and crowds. Maybe next year!

  4. Franc Ramon says:

    The Parada ng Lechon looked real cool and had celebrity and superhero guest in form of the different costumed display.

  5. That’s one grand feast in Batangas. So they got Lechon Avengers team? xD

  6. Mai Flores says:

    Oh wow! This is definitely a must-see-must-visit event! And to think Batangas is just a bus-ride away.. At least there’s a June event that I can always go to every year.. hopefully, I get to see the much renowned Parada ng Lechon in actual, soon. :)

  7. RICKY says:

    Gusto kong makapag attend nito, favorite ko ang lechon =)

  8. Renz Bulseco says:

    Ala eeeehhhhhh lechon!!!! Nakakagutom!

  9. Mel Cole says:

    oh my gosh, that is just too overwhelming to eat those letchon that are displayed in posters.

  10. The Lechon Avengers picture is so funny. Are they about to avenge their fate in the hands of humans?

  11. Chef Jasper says:

    it’s been awhile since I saw a lechon cooked in front of me. like the avengers themed lechon display.

  12. lovemindanao says:

    It’s Raining LECHON! wow this celebration coincide with the Feast of San Juan right? Lechon makes me travel. The reason i go to fiestas is because of this amazing food > I feel so PINOY whenever i eat lechon! I’ll make sure that my next visit to batangas is on the Feast of San Juan and ill bring my own water gun that’s for sure.

  13. FoxyReign says:

    Grabe ang diet ko ngayon. Seeing at these pictures of lechon make me want to eat them. Hahaha.

  14. gmags says:

    Thork! Hahaha. And I thought Cebu was number one for lechon. Looks like there’s a contender. :)

  15. Pal Raine says:

    PARADA NG LECHON super sayang parada sa lahat ng FESTIVAL sa Pinas. Dami kong tawa sa mga naka damit n lechon pig. ^_^

  16. marri says:

    I am officially craving for lechon!
    The parade was startlingly colorful with those toasted mouth-watering lechon! PAKAGAT nga!!

  17. wow LECHON! I’d like to see one of these parades and have fun… Lechon! more fun in Balayan!

  18. ventocoseuss says:

    Parada ng lechon! Wooooohooo! Lechon is like the ambrosia to the Philippines! Hahahaha.. Sa paradang yan, pwede bang makikurot? haha.. Kung hindi lang rich in cholesterol yan, well I would eat it almost everyday! Haha

  19. Les says:

    Sarap ng lechon! Gusto ko manood ng parada ng mga lechon :) Hopefully next year I’ll drag my hubby to Batangas to experience the festival.

  20. tatess says:

    wow, i haven’t been to parada ng lechon. Is it free for everybody, pwedeng makikain? kailangan pala may extrang damit dahi lmay basaan din.

  21. Mark Morfe says:

    Ala Eh! I guess I need to make a visit to Balayan next year for this event. ^_^

  22. Ron Leyba says:

    Lechon at its finest. Great to see such kind of festivals. Rich in tradition as well.

  23. Shirgie Scf says:

    Lechon? hmp..I don’t like lechon.. (sabay tulo laway).. Ok fine… I’m drooling….

  24. Myk says:

    Nice parade, puro lechon, pati ang avengers ang ulo naging lechon. It has been a long time since I last tasted lechon, hirap talaga ang nasa middle east… :D

  25. I like the picture of lechon with superhero costumes

  26. John says:

    may ati-atihan ba sa parada ng lechon?

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